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Rating System/Review

How I rate books(based on my personal tastes and opinions)

     I use a five star scale that includes half stars only because some books are close to two and it is just easier to sort them somewhere in the middle

    5: Had interesting well developed characters,interesting plot,great prose style that is in line with target audience but would still be enjoyable to other readers.Must buy

     4: Interesting characters, well written, interesting plot. Something about the book was off , though. Ending was rushed , ending that doesn't fit with the rest of the story. Must buy

      3: Well written, enjoyable characters and plot. Overall a good read but something about the book didn't spark enough of my interest. Maybe buy/maybe check library first

      2:  Plot drags, characters are boring or unrealistic, book is poorly written or edited, ending or plot makes little sense or book is a bait and switch (Begins heavy on plot but turns to focus on romance half way through and for the rest of the book) library

      Wtf happened sort of book. Didn't finish probably. Usually don't use this since books I would give one stars would be in genres that I know I wouldn't read  or like. In some cases tried to give one a shot and was just not my cup of tea or the book was just truly that horrible. Do not read.


Review Copies 

 If I receive book for review, (for free or requested from places like netgalley)  or you are interested in sending me a book to review please keep these things in mind:

1. Just because I received something for free does not guarantee it will get a review and it for certain does not guarantee it will receive a positive review.  I will treat review copies like books I buy or check out of the library. I will be blunt and honest in my review about things I liked or did not like. 

2. My review will never be about the author . I don't like author drama and try my best to separate my views of the author from their work as best I can . Please do not take negative review of review copies as a personal attack on the work or you as the author . 

3. I will do everything in my power to review it in a timely manner and at the very least mentioned I received it and that it is on my to be read pile.

4. If I know for sure it is not something I am going to enjoy (please don't send me chick lit or most romance novels unless said book is lgbt+ in some way) will thank the person that sent me the book but most likely will not review. It not fair to push through a book that most likely is going to end up with negative review anyway since I am not the right audience for that particular book. 

5.After finishing , I will post a short summary of thoughts and a full review closer to the books actual  release. 




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