Reading All Night

About the Blogger

I am a queer guy that enjoys reading and discussing what I have read.


What I enjoy reading

   Adult, young adult, some middle grade and on occasion children's books. I read from a variety of genres but my favorites include: true crime, anything about serial killers, forensics, Crime Scene, fantasy, parnanormal , Science fiction, horror , mystery, lgbtqpia.


What I don't enjoy reading

    Detest pretty much all chick lit of any kind . Not a fan of most romance novels where the romance is the plot or a big portion of the plot. Do not like books where a key element involves a forced or hinted at love triangle just for the sake of drama or a love triangle.I'm not big on reading spiritual or religious  memoirs no matter what the faith. I am fine with religious debate or fictional books where there might be religious undertones , but not into books whose only purpose is to convert the heart and mind of the reader. 



Currently reading

Dexter by Design
Jeff Lindsay
Progress: 80/352 pages
The Library of the Unwritten
A.J. Hackwith
Progress: 110/384 pages