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Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out - Susan Kuklin

Not sure this is a critique of the book , but more just a wtf comment to something someone said during one of the interviews in the book.Jessy, a straight transguy , has like most trans people spent years trying to get people to use the correct name and pronouns. He meets a woman he likes , who I am guessing is either a lesbian or bi since she herself says she dates women, and guessing only has dated women or least that is what is alluded a bit later on. The problem is his partner refuses to use he and him pronouns for Jessy. Instead she calls him she and he doesn't have an issue with this.


I get love is blind. I get some people are exceptions to the rule but this ...doesn't make sense to me. Why in the hell would you date someone who says they respect your identity yet refuses to use your pronouns ?! Maybe she will in time but up to then just seems she is not respecting that or him at all. Later on he says the pronouns don't matter. Can get that but guess my question is if this  woman he is with is not respecting his pronouns is she even seeing him as male?