War and Peas Review

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War and Peas is a webcomic series drawn and written by Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz.I am probably way way late to the game since I am certain I have seen a few of the comics from this used as memes on various sites. After reading this will be sure to check it out. Keeping that in mind, I realize that since it started as a blog  that usually the author(s) will pick those comics that were the most upvoted or liked and most often these books are usually good because only the best comics are chosen. I also realize that unlike me if you have been following and keeping up with the webseries that books like this can get repetitive since you would have seen all the comics before. However with these sort of books I never feel that is really the point. If you want new content you can always check out the webcomic series for free any time you wish. Buying the book , to me at least, is more a way to support the artists/authors and basic in comics you already know you enjoy and have them in printed form. 
I liked the dark humor in all of these little comics. I never felt it went too far but the sort of morbid humor in these comics are the sort of humor I like. I could see some people feeling maybe a few went too far. Basically would say if jokes about death in any fashion are not your cup of tea then would pass on this collection. Personally felt that all the comics walked that fine line between too morbid and just morbid enough to be fun and entertaining. I also liked that that there repeating characters since it  makes it more fun. Will say there were a few of the comics that fell a bit flat but think that is a given in any selection of comics . Not all of them are going to land. Most though were again morbid and overall funny. Will for sure try to check out the blog that these are from to see what else they have to offer. My one and only complaint about this book is that felt it should have been a bit longer. Get that there is no way that they could fit every comic from a blog full of content but overall still felt it was a bit too short.That though it is a very minor compliant in a overall great , funny comic selection. I am almost positive there will be a second book depending how well this first one does.
* I downloaded a free copy of this book on netgalley in exchange for a honest review .
The book is due to be published March 3rd 2020 by Andrews McMeel Publishing.