Docile Review

Docile - K.M. Szpara

Things I liked: It is a very gay/queer book written by Trans author. The world in which it is set treats being gay or any other sexual attraction just as a normal fact of life . Also  I was just really liked the cover art for this . 

Things I didn't like : Basically everything else .Alex acted too much like a damn teenager than a grown man. Also I am beyond confused that the readers is meant to believer there were at least three people at least that came in contact with him/were friends/ worked for him that worked for the group protesting against him and his company. Just are you fucking kidding me?? Various things the characters do make no logical sense. While I like the positive approach to bdsm the sex scenes just in whole were very very uncomfortable even the more consensual ones. Also in general the book is just overall took long. The last 100 pages felt like a slog to get through. I kept having to stop and come back to it . Personally the only reason I finished it was that was the last day having the ebook from the library , it had holds and I really didn't want to be added to the list again just to finish the last 100 pages.

Overall I am just really disappointed .I was really interested from the summary on this when it was announced and just am always excited for more queer/lgbt content in general. The characters in general sadly stop being able to carry the novel more than halfway through. I get that Elisha is 18 but just in general all the "adults"acted like teens . Least it came across that way to me. The sex scenes and just the sex in general in this was super messed up and just ruined any sort of message the author was trying to get across. I think the idea and the type of world he created could be interesting but just the way it was executed in this was just did not work.


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