One of those reading goals posts


     Well, 2013 is over. It has been an awful reading year for me. I just couldn't get out of endless read slumps. By the time they were over,  it was the end of the year. I seriously believe this has been the worst reading year for me ever! Since last year was so awful, I am going to try my hardest to make this year better. First, I am going to try to finish more books at the start of the year. I believe last year I didn't start reading and finishing anything until the middle of the year, which made it hard to complete my reading goals or get excited to read anything other than textbooks. 

    For this year, I am going to set some concrete goals early on so I have something to strive toward. Since it is me, though, I can change the goals at anytime and cheat at bit from time to time.


Reading Goals for 2014

-Read a total of 260 - 400 books(Aiming high this year.)

-Read at least 50 books I own (Have too many unread books on my shelves.)

-Read more nonfiction .

-Read more adult fiction less young adult .

-Write more reviews for the books I read.

- Read everything I check out of the library. .

- Only check-out 2-4 books at a time out of the library .